Saturday, December 31, 2011



365 days of my life.

Somehow it only only having been 365 days feels inadequate.

Feels like a lifetime ago since I posted this.

Two life times ago.

Maybe most people would look back at this last year and all that we have experienced and be glad that this it's over.

Almost 4 months out of the 12 spent in the hospital. Too many days when I really thought we might lose Mason. Almost 4 months of of the 12 when we were separated from Pierce. The CHARGE diagnosis. Three major surgeries, two minor. 100's of Dr's appointments. Sick more days than well.

Not me.

I'm actually a bit sad that there is only a few more hours left.

I'm not ready to let it go just yet.

I'm tearing up as I type this.

What a blessed year this has been.

One of the best years of my (almost) 42 years equal only to 2008 and the birth of Pierce

We are whole. We are happy. Our version of healthy.

My life is full and so is my heart.

Thank you life, fate, karma, chance, God, whomever, whatever for this amazing year and all the gifts we have been given.

I'm only too well aware of how differently it could have gone.

I could be sitting here typing about all that we have lost rather than all that we have gained.

I will NEVER, NEVER forget that.

I hope that you to feel blessed for all that 2011 was for you and I hope that you are as excited about 2012 all that can be as I am.

I plan on spending every last second of this year fixing in my heart and mind all that this year was and then I'm gonna kiss my husband and welcome the start of 2012.

Just think of all that might be...

I'm so excited!!!


Calyn said... Best Blogger Tips

I am loving your positive attitude! I hope this next year brings your family happiness and good health!!!

David said... Best Blogger Tips

Don't forget that 2011 was also the year you reached out and touched and inspired uncounted numbers of 'strangers', all because of Mason. Your generosity has been amazing and I, for one, will always be grateful. I anticipate the inevitable face-to-face meeting with pleasure and excitement. All my very best wishes for what is left of this remarkable year (just less than 6 hours) and for 2012.