Sunday, December 26, 2010

Goodbye 2010

So officially there may be a few days left in the year but 2010 is DONE for me.

I didn't want to rush through the holidays, and I actually quite enjoyed most of it, now I'm ready to move on.

Even though your dad and I butted heads over it we took down all the Christmas decorations today, packed them up and put them away in the garage. There's just the few sets of lights we have outside and I plan on getting them down and put away soon. Christmas 2010 is done.

2010 has been a long and eventful year for us with more good than bad and I'm ready for 2011. I feel like since your diagnosis I have been moving slowly forward with stuttered steps towards a point in the horizon that is just out of my view. Part of me ready to get there, get going, and get on with whatever will be. Part of me wanting to stay just where we are with you tucked safe inside me.

Frankly I'm exhausted. Exhausted from trying to see what the future hold for us. Exhausted from trying out all the possible futures and how we will deal with them.

So goodbye 2010. It's been a great and eventful year. Here's to 2011. It boggles the mind to think all that 2011 might have in store for us.
Whatever it is in store, I'm ready to get going.