Thursday, December 23, 2010

The stressful Non-stress test

So we went for our fist Non-stress test. I sign in, leave a urine sample, get a quick US to check fluid levels and then wait for a chair to open up.

Once attached the monitor they are looking to see if your heart rate goes up when you move. The monitoring can last anywhere from 20 minuets to an hour depending on how much you move.You were a little sleepy I guess so they buzzed my stomach and you practically jumped out of my skin.

You were sure on unhappy baby after that. But your heart rate and movements were exactly what they were looking for. We were out of there in 20 minuets.

I guess it's a little silly since your going to have open heart surgery but if I can keep them from buzzing you again I will.

Next appointment I will drink something cold and eat something sweet to wake you up before hand.
Checking you out
Yes, I asked the tech to take a picture for me. She thought I was a little crazy but I got my picture!


Barbie and Kyle said... Best Blogger Tips

I had a love hate relationship with those. I loved that I got to get a quite a glimpse into my little guys personality before he was born, but I hated it so much when they would "buzz" him. It broke my heart to let them startle my baby like that. I started drinking OJ just before I would go in to get my little Mason hopping.