Monday, December 27, 2010

more appointments

Today we had another stress test and you passed with flying colors. I don't even thing we were there for the whole 20 minuets. I ate a couple of cookies which woke you up and you didn't have to get buzzed. Your Dad said it went so quick he didn't even have the time to finish a whole level on his Angry Bird game.

In the afternoon we had our appointment with Dr Li. We had a quick US and you looked great. We discussed our questions and the plan for the CS and it's looking like Dr Li really wants to do the CS on Jan 6th at 3 pm. We explained that we had the appointment with Dr Starnes that day and he said he would see about doing the CS on the 7th but I have a feeling he's pretty set on the 6th so we will see.

After your Dad and I took a tour of the NICU. The charge nurse was really fantastic and I sure hope she's there when your born. The NICU was a bit overwhelming and it was good for your Dad and I to get to see it before your there.