Sunday, December 19, 2010

Baby shower

Back when I was first planning you Dad and my wedding I joined a discussion board on a website called the Knot. There I "met" other brides also planning their weddings and together we could discuss details that would bore anyone other than another bride.

(I just had a mental picture of you reading this years from now and rolling your eyes because of course you know who your IE Aunties are)

Along with discussing our wedding plans we would talk about our jobs, our lives, and slowly we got to know each other as online friends (or as your Aunt Val said "fake" friends). Eventually we started planning get together to meet in person and many of these women became my friends. A few of them great friends.

So today we had planed a Christmas GTG where we were going to eat, talk, and do a small gift exchange but when I got there they surprised me with a baby shower for you.

I was totally surprised. Seriously I had no idea.

The truth is I hadn't wanted a baby shower. You aunt JJ had wanted to plan one but I wouldn't let her. Looking back now I think it's because I was thinking it would hurt more to have that reminder of you if you didn't survive. That by not having a shower I was protecting myself from at least some of the pain.

But I now realize that nothing is going to make losing you any easier and the shower far from being a sad thing was a wonderful way to celebrate you. I'm so glad I have these memories to share with you. How blessed am I to have friends like these.

Aunt Becki took pictures and we got lots of great cloths and gifts for you.Your Aunt Kim even sent a gift all the way from San Diego for you and Uncle Chris even sent a few gifts just for your Dad. Isn't that amazingly sweet?