Tuesday, December 21, 2010

2 Dr visits today the old and the new

So today we had 2 Dr's appointments.

The first was to Dr. Tangchinob our OB. Dr. T has been my Dr for many years. He delivered either your cousin Lauren or Jonathan (I can never remember which) and your brother. I had always thought he would deliver you too.

We didn't really go over much except to say goodbye because we have now be transferred over to Dr Li at Huntington hospital who will be doing the delivery.

I love everyone at Dr. T's office. The staff are so nice (anyone would have to be to put up with me) and they really care about you and your outcome. I have to admit I cried after I left. I guess it was because Dr. T was my last link to anything normal when it comes to your birth.

I can't wait till I can bring you by and show you off to everyone there.

Dr T's office
Later that day I had an appointment with Dr Li. I really liked him. He is the head of the OB department at Huntington hospital. I think we are lucky to have him as a Dr. (but the truth is I think we got him because he's the head and can't refuse to take us like the other OB's can).
My appointment was at 3:30 and I was in the room by 3:35! I'm gonna be spoiled here.

He said you looked beautiful and you have a big head. :)

I met him in his office after the US and we talked about your delivery. He had a stack of papers in front of him with all our medical history and would not give me a firm date for you CS till he had caught up on our info. He did say that the 7th seemed reasonable as that would put us at 39+ weeks.

Later that day I made an appointment for you dad and I too meet Dr. Vaughn Starnes who will be your surgeon on the 6th of January. We will also get a tour of Children's hospital and CNICU that day. Now you just have to hold on till the 7th!

Dr. Starnes