Thursday, March 10, 2011

Excuse me did I say Thursday?

What was I thinking??

We are STILL waiting to have the sleep study read. I was told our study is in a stack of studies waiting to be read (read shut up,sit down, and wait your turn).

Things are happening though.

Debbie, our awesome case manager, made a list of all the medical supplies we will need to go home with and is getting that all set up and I got my Pertussis vaccine which they only give you when you are about to go home.

So we're closer but otherwise just sitting on our butts twiddling our thumbs.

If no progress is made by this afternoon I'm going to go all "Mad Elephant" on them.

Should be fun. Or not.

In the mean time enjoy some cuteness that is you.

Your favorite activity other than being held by me

You have full on conversations with your aquarium. It's so adorable.

If we go home before Saturday last night was our last night with your favorite night nurse Jackie. You already miss her (so does Mommy)


~Bec~ said... Best Blogger Tips

So adorable!! I am so excited for you guys!