Friday, March 18, 2011



Saying it is like taking a deep breath for the first time in a long time.


So much weight and so much worry. Gone.


Ultimately home is where my kids and my husband are but there is something to your own four walls. The one place where you can really relax. Let your hair down and scratch where it itches.


For a week today. Almost seems impossible that it has already been a whole week. I wish I could say it has all been light and joy. Most of it has, but there have been struggles too.

But before I get to the current stuff I want to catch up so...

Thursday we found out that the discharge would be happening (baring any major complications) so we started checking off our to do list.

The car seat test. You threw a MAJOR fit. I was terrified that because you were crying so hard you would desaturate and fail the test but you didn't. You stopped crying after three minuets or so then slept through the remaining 3 hrs and passed with flying colors.

Umm attitude problem? Oh yes, I believe so.

Friday morning I got to the hospital first thing to start checking things off our list while Dad packed up and got us moved out of the Ronald McDonald house FOR THE LAST TIME!!

Once your Dad was done he joined me and we learned all the things we would need to know how to do to take care of you at home like your feeding tube, breathing treatments, oxygen canisters, medications, and all the machines that go with them. I wish I had taken more pictures but I was a mad house of learning, phone calls, papers to sign, meeting with the dietitian, physical therapist, medical supply rep, case managers, Dr's, and on and on. My head was spinning with all the information.

Dad practicing the feeding pump

Once we had checked everything off and signed the papers you were all ours for the first time!

Look Ma no monitors!! (well less monitors anyway)

Getting you dress for your home coming!
Your outfit says "Little Bro". Perfect homecoming outfit.

We were so thrilled that we were able to have your favorite day nurse Tania there to see us off. We know we will always miss her but hope to never see her again (unless it's for a party or a visit or the like)
Nichole one of the many other wonderful nurses that we were blessed to have take care of you.

I think I will say farewell here Tania. Not goodbye.
The only one dark spot on the joy of our day was that our darling Gracie is still waiting to go home. Gracie and her mom Melissa became dear friends to us during our last month at CHLA. We can't wait till we celebrate their homecoming day.

You and Gracie your next crib neighbor. Love you Gracie and miss your sweet heart.

Your first time in the car seat for real
Away we go with our cart and bags and bags full of stuff

Almost there

Our waking papers!

Almost a family

About 25 minuets into our drive the pulse oximiter died and you took a really large poop. That's when we discovered we had no wipes. I called the medical supply company while Dad improvised.

After you were all cleaned up you rather enjoyed the ride

Aunt JJ and cousin Lauren decorated the house for your homecoming. Perfect way to welcome you home

You were much more excited than you look here. Look at all the air in your feeding pump tubing. We were such novices then.


That night you got your first real bath. You cried at first but then deiced you loved it. You don't cry at baths anymore. It's one of your favorite parts of the day.

The perfect outfit for a trip to our version of Disneyland. Home the happiest place on earth.

Saturday Auntie T and Uncle David brought us lunch. Love them!

Saturday we enjoyed some time outside while Daddy worked on the backyard. I was sitting here with you watching the wind ruffle your hair when it felt real for the first time and I just started crying. But they weren't sad tears they were happy ones. The first happy ones I've cried in a really long time.
We didn't get Pierce till Sunday morning. We wanted to bring him home to as peaceful of a house a possible and felt we needed a day to get used to taking care of you and to clean before he came home. One of the first things we did was take our first picture as a family of four together.
more shots from the day

My boys together at last!
our beautiful baby boy

love this face so much!
Our sweet neighbor Erin brought us welcome home flowers and a beautiful card signed by her group. She also brought us dinner. We have been so blessed by so many people here to help us and we are eternally grateful.

Look at the name of the flowers...Rosey Outlook

perfect for a homecoming


Valerie said... Best Blogger Tips

Best.Post.Ever. :)

ellen charge said... Best Blogger Tips

LOVE LOVE LOVE the home coming pics oh i guess u got ur laptop sorted then did ya coz i c the pics LOL

Leslie said... Best Blogger Tips

Geez, Amy, way to make me cry on a Saturday morning. :P

I love this post. Mason is so cute and looks just like Pierce! You all look fantastic. Hope you're taking care of yourself, taking time to breathe and process and heal and bond and all the things that you surely need to do.

(That's a great picture of Tiff as well.)

Cindy said... Best Blogger Tips

SO happy to see you guys settling into HOME :-D And ERIN is Awesome, thats great she came by!!! I keep wanting to come by but Olivia has been sick so i want to make sure we are completely clear before i come by.

Crystal M. said... Best Blogger Tips

Lovely homecoming!! U think the week went fast wait til a year passes, its amazing!

TusaRebecca said... Best Blogger Tips

I should leave comments more often to let you know you've got another fan sending happy thoughts your way! I'm so glad you're all home and happy! Take care!

Megan said... Best Blogger Tips

Those are great pictures and I'm glad you're all home together! Looking forward to reading more :)

Esther said... Best Blogger Tips

What wonderful news! You made me cry too - all the way across the ocean. We just had our first UK CHARGE conference. It was amazing - the kids are so amazing. Well done on getting home. You are all such fighters and you have beautiful boys. Take care, Esther Freeman xx

Kristi said... Best Blogger Tips


Congratulations on being HOME... as a family... as it should be! :-)

So happy for you all!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

FANTASTIC Post! It made me cry. We're so happy for you all! Good luck with the learning curve! HAHAHA on the air bubbles in the feeding tube...been through that too, and thensome! Congratulations on having your family together! Thanks for such a great post!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Love that you are all under one roof!!!

p.s. I awarded you on my blog :)

Love you!!

dxeechick said... Best Blogger Tips

love, love, love it! so glad you guys are in the comfort of your own home. congrats on a job well done! the little Mickey outfit is my fave. :) keep it rockin little Mason!

David said... Best Blogger Tips

More tears in my eyes here - why do you keep making me cry!!!! You must share this story more widely - I can see you now up on the platform in front of 750 people at a CHARGE conference and not a dry eye in the hall! Still keeping everything crossed for things to go well. You are ALL such a joy and inspiration.

Ketcham22 said... Best Blogger Tips

I love all the pictures of you guys together in Disneyland! I hope things are going well at home and you have settled into life again. Nick is doing well. He's gained a ton of weight! He's up to almost 17 lbs now! What a difference the ng tube has made! He has to have a g-tube put in next month. We think of you all often and are so happy to know that you are home!