Friday, March 4, 2011

The H word...

Yep, that word again. It's back. It's trying to sneak it's way in and take over.

I blame the Dr's and the nurses for part of it. All talking about next week. The happy little smiles. The quickened rate at which things are being ordered and carried out. The are feeding it. Encouraging it. Trying to distract me and let it sneek in.

It's partly your fault too. Your back on 2 liters through the nasal cannula for over 24 hrs now and your doing well.

Hanging out in your new swing. Sometimes you like it.

Really well.

and so it's back.


Hope for home. Hope for our family to reunite and be whole. Hope that this part of our journey is coming to an end.

Your first big boy outfit that nurse Jaclyn bought you. Look at your dinasour feet!

Us with your night primary nurse Jaclyn. She's absoultly wonderful and nurturing to you. Mommy can always sleep really well when nurse Jaclyn is on.

The Dr's want to do another nap study which is where they will montior your oxygen levels over an hour while you sleep. I'm asking for a sleep study which will be done over a whole night as you sleep.

Your even doing better during your PT sessions.

We had a nap study done before and the results suggested your oxygen levels were fine at one liter of support. Well they were for a couple of days and then it wasn't enough and you crashed and almost got re-intubated.

I just don't feel that an hour study, which means only watching you for 20 minuets on 2 liters, 20 minuets at 1 liter, etc will give us a clear picture of your oxygen needs. The Dr's think I have a good point and so they are working to get the longer study done.

In fact it's around 1:30 on Friday and Smith, the resident, just came in to tell me that they are optimistic that they may have a slot for us tonight.

We are about to hit our 28 day check out from RMH on Monday again so I deiced to check out today in hopes we will be back in and settled again on Sunday. I was going to drive home tonight to sleep at home and then pick up Pierce tomorrow so I can take him to Sarah's birthday party. Now, if the study is tonight, I will stay here and leave in the morning I guess. Good thing I can sleep while they are doing your study.

On Wednesday Aunt JJ surprised me with a visit from Pierce, Cousins Lauren, and Jonathan. It was wonderful to get to see Pierce again and he and I had so much fun singing his favorite songs and just spending some Mommy and P time.

Best big brother in the world!

The best part of the visit is Lauren and Jonathan got to hold you for the first time and of course you absolutely loved it.

Aunt T came to visit us on Thursday. You loved it.

So depending on how soon we get the sleep study done and what the results are the Dr's are talking us getting out of here soon. Like next week soon.

Me. I'm just going with the flow. Happy with how good you are doing and the way things are. Tomorrow will take care of it's self. I honestly just don't have the reserves left to let myself get excited only to deal with the crash if it doesn't happen.

No reason to be using the H word.

Not yet really are doing so good. (and I'm getting my hopes up)


Growing Up Cameron said... Best Blogger Tips

I love him. He looks so alert and BIG in his PT picture. Keeping my fingers, toes and legs crossed for a family reunion SOON. Xoxo Jackson 3

Val from KY said... Best Blogger Tips

That's wonderful news!!!

dxeechick said... Best Blogger Tips

oh boy! he's getting so big. if you are not ready to HOPE yet, we'll do the hoping for you. i can't wait to see how well he does at home! :))))

The Bagley Bunch said... Best Blogger Tips

He is so sweet! HOPING and PRAYING along with you!!!

ellen charge said... Best Blogger Tips

happy that hes doing much better and i agree with you a full sleep study will give you lots of insight over a period of time big hugs to you