Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Surgeon appointment update

So after two hours of phone calls yesterday I was able to get us an appointment with the cardio thoracic surgeon on Monday the 25th. The conversation went something like this...

Me: I need to make an appointment for my son to see the surgeon..
Person: The next available apt we have is for August blah blah blah
Me: We the cardiologist feels Mason needed to see the Dr asap because of his echo results
Person: ((sigh)) OK let me put you on hold and go look at the echo results
Me: wait......
Person: Oh OK well we need to get you in sooner than that. Hold on and let me get you the supervisor.
Me: wait...
Supervisor: Well the next available apt we have August blah blah blah
Me: no see echo
Supervisor: hold on while I look at echo
Me: wait....
supervisor: OK we are going to need to get you a sooner appointment hold on while I get the nurse
Me: wait....
Nurse: blah blah August
Me: echo
Nurse: hold on
Me: wait....
Nurse: OK I need to talk to the Dr
Me: wait....

So finally after going through 4 people I was able to get them to make a time for us Monday morning. In fact they just created an appointment for us. I'm so thankful that they are bending over backwards to get Mason seen but my stomach is in knots knowing that Mason's echo results were bad enough for us to get this kind of attention.

The good news is that's George's day off so he is going to be able to be at the appointment without using up any of his vacation days which we need to save up for surgery.

So Monday we will have a better idea of what is wrong and when surgery will be. Till then we wait and try not to go crazy.

Since post with pictures are so much more interesting...

Mason "enjoying" a little sun out in our backyard

and Pierce, because he's just so dang cute and an amazing big brother

and in other interesting news this morning Mason was just crying and crying and seemed to be in pain. Usually when that happens it's because he's having gas pains but no matter what I did to help him he just kept crying. Finally as I went to check his diaper (for the 3rd time) I noticed his Mic-key button was hanging half out of his stomach.

Holy shiitake mushrooms!

Now if your not the parent of a G-tube feed baby then let me explain to you that the G-tube(feeding tube...see black arrow in picture above) is held in by a small balloon filled with saline. At anytime this balloon can get a leak, deflate, or worst of all just be pulled out. They warn you when you get the G-tube that this is not a someday might happen thing. It's a someday it WILL happen thing (as I'm sure all my tubie families are all too aware) and when it does you have about an hour to get to the hospital before the stoma closes up and you have a BIG problem!

So they supply you with a spare so WHEN (not if) the tube comes out you can bring it with you when you go to the nearest ER or GI Dr to get it re-inserted.

Now I watched them when they changed Mason's tube last month (which took 7 minuets and cost us $150.00 but cost the insurance company a ton more than that) and I realized it's not a big deal. Not that unlike putting in a Foley (urinary catheter) which I have done 100's of times as a nurse .

So I took a deep breath, deflated the balloon, pulled the old one out. Checked the new one to make sure it worked and popped it right in. Took me a total of 3 minuets tops and it saved us a trip to the Dr's and at least a $150 bucks!

Mason was unfazed he just sighed and rolled over an went to sleep.

but I was pretty impressed with myself.

I am such a badass!

and since I'm usally the one behind the camera here's a picture of the boys and I on Mother's Day.


Catherine said... Best Blogger Tips

Gorgeous pics and boy do I remember those days!!! good on you mama. Thinking of you so much re Monday. Now that the halo's out of the equation til Sept, I seriously hope we can make P's party

goodgirrl79 said... Best Blogger Tips

The pictures are great:) Such handsome boys! You are a totally awesome for replacing his G-tube yourself! Congrats Momma!

Ketcham22 said... Best Blogger Tips

Nice work!! So as Nick's g-tube has yet to fall out I just curious how it happened? Did the ballon deflate somewhat inside? I am so scared this will happen to Nick but I put in the last g-tube at the dr.'s myself so I know I can do it but I'm just worried the tube will tear something on the way out!!
I will be thinking of you guys Monday and pray they can give you some kind of good news!