Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sharing some love

Beautiful baby Nikolas a friend in CHARGE with Mason is having a really hard time and could sure use some love and prayers. We've been so blessed with support that I was hoping we could send some his way.

I know you might think it's just a comment on a blog and it doesn't mean all that much but let me tell you from experience every comment lets you know your not alone and that is so helpful when your in such a scary place.

You can find Nikolas's blog HERE.

Get well Nik. Tons of love from Mason and I!!


ellen charge said... Best Blogger Tips

and every thought about another posted on our blogs lets others coming into read it know that we r thinking of them to i beleive i allways post about special fams on my blogs and so do a few other charge fams that i know its our way of letting others know that they need thoughts to so ill be sending good thoughts and prayers to them to and may even post on my blog xxxx

Laura Ketcham said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks so much Amy!