Friday, September 9, 2011

Another Night Together


You are doing much better today!! It is like you are back. You are reaching playing and pulling what ever you can get into your mouth. You even turned sideways in your bead and pulled off your pulse oxygen sensor.

By the way you nearly gave me a stroke as I was truing to figure out why your oxygen level was dropping and dropping. I was looking for loose wires I was making sure the unit had power I even suctioned you and nothing. This took a couple of minutes. Then I saw the glowing read light in your mouth and figured it out. And I thought you would be the good one, you and your brother are going to make sure I stay on my toes. We have an understanding, save the drama for your MAMA.

So you had a treatment this morning and all went well. You seamed content and you where watching Finding Nemo. At about five we started the next treatment. I had to leave after a little bit but you were sleeping through it so hopefully all will go better.

No sedative tonight I could regret that later on. Maybe i can convince them to give it to me instead!

Your Mom went to sleep as soon as she knew you were OK. She has been by your side night and day while I have been working. She truly loves you. So do I.

-Love Dad


Catherine said... Best Blogger Tips

Thinking of you all, very much (if I could get a charger - I will tomorrow, I'll call)

Erin Wood said... Best Blogger Tips

So glad things are looking up! I prayed for all of you this morning... hope that Mason is healthy and HOME soon! You guys are doing a great job!

The Long Family said... Best Blogger Tips

So glad things are improving. I couldn't stop thinking of you guys after catching up on the previous posts. That is one strong little guy you have! God bless.

Cindy said... Best Blogger Tips

Very happy to hear things went well ....and hopefully stay good. Just read the last couple post and feel so bad for Mason. Amy and George you guy are doing an Amazing job and I personally would of lost it by now. Look forward to you guys being home soon! Danny an.d I are always thinking of your family

David said... Best Blogger Tips

George - I already thanked Amy for these updates on Mason, but now I must thank you too. It is great to hear how he is doing. I was working in Indiana at the weekend with families with children with CHARGE and I mentioned Mason and (of course) he already had a lot of friends in the room as well as me! Good luck, best wishes, and remember how many of us are rooting for you all.

Angelina said... Best Blogger Tips

So glad things are improving!