Friday, September 16, 2011

Not better but no worse

The Dr's were all in to see you first thing in the morning and all agree that taking you to surgery to debried the wound is the best course of treatment at this point.

Through the night you remained lethargic but stable only needing occasional oxygen support. You haven't spiked any more fevers but we have been giving you Tylenol around the clock so it might just be keeping your fever down.

You are almost never awake and cry when you cough it hurts you so much.

They weren't ahead and changed your dressing to get a look at it before they take you to surgery. The Dr said she can see your sternal wires and she thinks that might be part of the problem. They are planning on opening your chest back up and cleaning out all the dead skin and infection and then closing you back up after they make sure the infection hasn't gotten to your bone.

You got Morphine with your dressing change so your not in pain now but finally resting.

There is a baby who's heart needs Dr. Bailey and then when they are done with that surgery they will take you down.

Praying that this is what you need to turn the corner and start getting better as soon as possible.


goodgirrl79 said... Best Blogger Tips

Praying for you guys! At least he isn't any worse this time. We pray that God guides the doctor's hands and eyes to let them get out all the infection and spot ANYTHING that may be causing it, or harming Mason at all. Hang in there Mama, you are stronger than you know! You have shown it again and again. HUGS!

Karen Rock said... Best Blogger Tips

You are still in my thoughts and prayers! Yay for good drugs and rest!

The Long Family said... Best Blogger Tips

Keep praying for all of you, especially little Mason and every medical team heart goes out to you all of you...remember he is such a strong little guy. Please keep us informed when you can...looking forward to reading good news soon....very soon!