Tuesday, September 6, 2011

a little smile


You and I have been spending our nights together and you have had some good nights and some not so good nights. I wish that I could trade places with you and not just because the chair i am sleeping on is so comfortable. You are just not yourself, but who wold be in these circumstances.

Your Mom and I are really worried about this latest complication. I never seen a wound open up and just get larger and larger. You are now on a sedative to help you sleep at night. The past two nights you have looked a lot better. You have more energy and that is a good thing. Today you even reached for my face and pulled me down so you could give daddy kisses. Best kisses I have had in weeks.

Today they are going to change course on your treatment. We are going to see the critical wound team. unfortunately it is a Small team of people and we are going to have to wait to be seen by them until tomorrow. You are getting a new pick line right now. Unfortunately your other one is leaking.

I am returning to work and for the short run it will be you and Mom. take it easy on her OK, through her a smile every now and then.

Love Dad