Monday, February 21, 2011

Another Step Closer

Today we took care of two procedures at once. This allowed us to intubate you once. First the G-tube. Then the procedure to remove the flap of tissue that was obstructing your airway (Plasty for short).

The MI-KEY "Mickey" will allow us to feed you without having a tube in your nose or mouth. Not perfect but better. This tube ties into your stomach and helps keep your face free of tape, another plus. It is also much easier to clean and for Mom and Dad to use at home, benefits all around.

The plasty is something we have been asking for to help you breath easier. We hope that by removing the obstruction this will reduce your strider and you will be able to take a deep breath with ease. If your O2 and CO2levels are stable and you stop spending so much energy on breathing who knows you might actually start growing.

The day went well, we were supposed to have surgery at 3:45 PM but things changed and you went in at about 9 AM, much better. you returned at about noon and we were both here waiting for you.

You struggled a little with the breathing tube, it was too far in and actually went into the right ventricle. Well one x-ray and lots of tape later we thought we had it. One more x-ray and another adjustment and of coarse more tape and now you are good.

Mama is with you while I type. You are so strong. You do amaze me.

Mama is incredible too, being here by herself. She is getting some help but I do not know if the roles were reversed if I could do it by myself.

So you owe Mama. I would advise a flower and a card on every anniversary of the day you came home. Because with out our Lioness we would still be waiting to see what happens instead of another step closer.


After the surgery's your color looks great!

it was not enough to give you a bad hair cut but another tube at least this one is breathing for you.

"M.I.C.K.E.Y. M.O......."


Dena said... Best Blogger Tips

oh, happy that the surgery went well! Mason is lucky to have you both as parents, I think we all know where his strength comes from - Super strong Mom and Dad! :-)
Love you and continuing prayers for you all...
Dena and Scott

ellen charge said... Best Blogger Tips

glad it went well