Monday, February 21, 2011

Through the double doors again..

Once again the hated double doors to surgery. Our fourth trip and hopefully our last trip for a long while.

Your surgery was scheduled for 3:45 pm today and they took you at 9:00 am. Even though we had to rush to get here it's great that your going so early so you wont have to go the whole day without eating.

The plan is to do the Supraglottoplasty where they will sedate you then remove some of the extra tissue around your vocal cords then to do the feeding tube surgery. We don't actually know which they will do first but since they usually do clean to dirty in surgery they will most likely do surgery on your throat first then your stomach. We figure it will take a few hours at least.

So again we need team Mason. Send your good thoughts, pray, for a quick and complication free surgery and that this is the solution to your breathing problem that will get us on the road to home.

your favorite nurse Tania
This is your primary nurse Tania. Nurses have to volunteer to be a primary and we were lucky enough to have Tania volunteer to be yours. By the time your old enough to read this you may not remember her so let me tell you that you love her. You always rest easy and have a good day when she's taking care of you.

cousin Whitney thinks you look like a badass with your new haircut

On a side note you got butchered a hair cut yesterday. They shaved the whole right side of your head. I'm less than thrilled about it but you needed an IV and it was the only place they could find one.
I was hoping to do your newborn pictures soon after we got home. I guess we will just have to make sure your "good" side is always toward the camera.