Saturday, February 19, 2011

We wait and we hope...

Things have been quite here.

Just waiting for Monday.

Granny came and spent the day with you while I took Pierce to have lunch with Dad.

We are so hopeful that this surgery will be the answer to your breathing problems. We don't know what time your surgery will be yet but should find out tomorrow.

You will be on the breathing machine for a few days so it will be Wednesday or Thursday before we will start to wean you off and see how you are breathing. It will probably be the end of the week at least before we will know if there is any improvement.

So now we wait and we hope.

We will keep you updated on Monday on how it goes.

Pictures from the last few days

You got an ultra sound of your diaphragm. You hated it.

Another tub bath. You hated this too but you sure smelled better.

All clean and cute!


Crystal M. said... Best Blogger Tips

My thoughts and prayers are with you, hope this surgery helps and you are all home together before you know it. He is pretty cute when he is all clean!!!

Crystal and Eva