Sunday, February 6, 2011

On the Road Jack Mason

This weekend we have been on the road. Since we had to move out of the RMH we spent Friday night at our house. It was nice but we were both a little lost.

Granny was good enough to come by and spend Saturday with you. So we could see your brother. I was at Amy's Sister house before Pierce woke up. I was looking over his bed and greeted him when he finally woke up. He just smiled and said "Hi Daddy".

We took him to lunch and then to get a hair cut. The hair cut did not go as well as your Mom and I would have liked but that is another story. We played and then napped.

We left Pierce at 6 PM and went to go check into a hotel for two days before we could return to the RMH. When we got there we had some issues with our reservations so we scrambled to find new accommodations. The Pasadena RMH was nice enough to take us in for the two nights so we set up our stuff and by 9 PM were headed out to the hospital to see how you were doing.

When we arrived you did not look good. Your breathing was labored, your color was off, and you had gas pain that keep you from sleeping. Your CO2 levels were hitting the 76 percent mark so the doctors and nurses were looking for solutions right away. Your Mom and I were very worried so we decided to spend the night by your bedside. The hospital was nice enough to give us a parent room. So we took turns and spent the night waiting by you. Some steroids and increased oxygen seamed to help. By 6:30 on Sunday morning you were doing better.

We returned to the RMH and tried to get some sleep but we were worried that we were too far away from the hospital so we found a hotel near the hospital and were moved in by 3:30 PM on Sunday. Your Mom took your one month from when you were born day present to you (picture to follow)

I watched the Super Bowl in the hotel room and then went to take over from your Mom. You looked comfortable and slept. At 5 AM the will do a whole new blood work up to see what happened on Saturday night. '

Sunday you weigh in at 6.5 pounds a good move forward my son. So Happy One Month Birthday!

Monday will Check out of the Hotel and we will check back into the RMH in LA.

- Dad


ellen charge said... Best Blogger Tips

yay for an update sad to know he was sick on saturday hope its jstu part of the course that chargers have and nothing more big hugs and kisses to u all