Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Someday this is going to be funny..

Not today mind you but someday.

Someday, years from now, we will all be sitting around the table after dinner has been eaten and telling stories the way my family does and we will laugh at what you put me through today.


So your hanging on but just barely. We have put you back on the vent through a nasal cannula which is the last step before you get the tube back in your throat.

The Dr's feel that putting the tube back down your throat will aggravate the swelling and as long as you can hang on we will. We are going to push it as far as we can and hope you can make it till the swelling decreases.

They are giving you steroids and have you on your belly since your airway stays open best this way.

They have put on an external carbon dioxide (CO2) monitor. It's not as accurate as doing an blood test but it will give us an idea, without having to draw blood, if your carbon dioxide levels are climbing.

If your CO2 levels stay low enough we are going to continue to ride it out. I can't leave your side and plan on staying all night. I can't stay here all night and be by your side tomorrow too so I've called in re-enforcements aka Dad.

Your Dad drove like crazy to get here and is not going to go into work tomorrow since you are so sick.

So we are here.




Hang in there kiddo.

So team Mason we need you.

Pray, send out your good thoughts, and cross everything you've got because if this doesn't work. We really don't know what will.


sherthebear said... Best Blogger Tips

Praying and thinking of you all, always! Stay strong!

Denise said... Best Blogger Tips

Praying, praying and praying. Praying, wish and hoping for nothing but easy times for all of you.

ellen charge said... Best Blogger Tips

sending hugs he will get there i know he will someday