Thursday, February 24, 2011

Quick update

it's almost 11:20 I'm counting the minuets till I can call your nurse and get the latest CO2 level and go to sleep.

I would have gone to sleep a while ago but whom ever is above me in the RMH is re-arranging their furniture, or bowling with elephants, or something that is creating an unbelievable amount of noise. When we were in our old room upstairs we never heard our neighbours, now the little time we have to sleep is often interrupted by others staying near. It only adds to how hard this all is.

As bad as yesterday today was so good.

Your CO2 levels were in the 40's, which for you is an excellent level. Your work of breathing is half of what it was yesterday and your stridor is barely noticeable. You look so much more comfortable and I got to hold you for the first time since Sunday night.

We had a nice conversation, I even worked on signing a bit with you, and I managed to stop myself after only giving you 100 kisses.

We've made it through the hardest part and now we will have to give you a few days to recover before we will know how successful the surgery has been.

One of two things are going to happen.

Either you will continue to improve. We will wean you down to the high flow, then after a while to the nasal cannula, and then maybe even off with no oxygen support, then home.

Or you wont get better. We will be unable to wean you off the high flow and then your Dad and I will know we explored and exhausted all possible interventions.

If you are unable to wean we will get you a trach and then, most likely be home in short order.

Only time and your anatomy will tell.

The Dr's are all rosy and positive but your Dad and I are cautiously, but realistic, optimistic.

The surgeon still haven't started feeding you even though you have great bowl sounds and have had 3 bm's. The painfully slow pace the Dr's work at is maddening especially since, now that you are feeling better, your starving.

Just spoke to the night nurse your latest CO2 is 47. A good level for you.

I'm off to get some sleep. Have to be up early and by your beside before the surgeon round tomorrow.

Gotta get my baby some breakfast.

Night love. One more day down. One more day closer.


ellen charge said... Best Blogger Tips

amy have a good sleep you deserve it he will get there we all know it itll just take time love to you all from me

Catherine said... Best Blogger Tips

hoping for a better day.. if you ever needed to talk about your fears on the trach.. just sounding out but am still assuming and working towards it not being a reality... pls can you give me a shout.. am home after 3pm today 310 649 2067.. still can't find cellphone so that's the home number