Friday, February 4, 2011

Like a bridge over troubled waters...

I'm ashamed to admit I never thought much about Ronald McDonald houses. Sure I knew they provided housing for families of sick children. I've seen the commercials, but the RM house was never something in a million years I thought I would need, or use.

The RM house was for those other people, the ones that have sick children. You know the kinda thing that only happens to other people.

Well when we found out about your heart defect and became one of those "other people" we reshearched into what we would do and where we would stay.

I looked into the RM house but didn't think we would get in. On the Internet is says that the rooms are given first to the families of cancer patients and that we would get a room only after all those families had been given shelter (so not true by the way)

In the parking lot of the RM house Jan 8th, 2010

When we got to CHLA one call to the social worker and a few minuets later we had a room. I was shocked by how easy the process was. A few minuets later and we were in the lobby checking in.

I had always thought the RM houses were just a room you could sleep in and a place to shower. For some reason I thought you would get a place to stay and each night you would have to come back and see if you had a spot for that night.

I couldn't have been more wrong or feel more blessed.

As I watched the orientation video I started crying. Suddenly so many worries were just taken away. I was amazed at all the help they offered.

I can't describe to you what it is to be a parent dealing with all the worry and stress that goes along with caring for a sick child when you are away from home.

Here you are overwhelmed by the thought of you child sick, possibly facing surgery, maybe even sick enough to be facing death.

Along with all that you have the additional worries of where will you eat, and sleep. How will you wash your cloths and on and on. How can you possibly afford it?

Then there they are, the Ronald McDonald house charities. They welcome you in and say here you can sleep, here you can eat, here let us take some of you worries from you.

And they ask for nothing in return.

Our place charges a fee of $25 a night but will help those that can't afford it. They are a bridge over troubled waters and an amazing gift and blessing to the families that find themselves needing their help.

We were assigned our room and it was ours for 28 days if we needed it. A home away from home.

And it's so much more than just a room.

Our home away from home room 79

It's like staying in a nice hotel. There's a comfy bed, TV and a desk. A full bathroom. Just down the hall on every level there is a cafe and next door a laundry room with rows of washers and dryers.

Downstairs there is a full kitchen with everything you would need to cook. Each family gets refrigerator, freezer, and a cupboard space.

There is a dining room where several nights a week they hold happy meals where different groups come in a feed the families staying there.

The playroom for the kids, with tons of TVs and video games.
The computer room with Internet access.

I can't say enough to thank the RM house for welcoming us in and taking away some of our burdens. We have been so blessed and grateful for all that you have done to help our family and we will not forget.

Life may not be "normal" for us for quite a while but one day it will calm down and when it does your Dad and I have great plans.

We hope to hold a happy meal for the families at the RM house at least once every other month. When I can get back to couponing I will donate all those free toiletries and household items I get for the families to use.

We are going to participate in the walks and fundraisers to help pay it forward to the next family in need.

Well today we have used up our 28 days and will be out of the RM house till Monday. They are welcoming us back with open arms and already have a room waiting for us...and they ask nothing in return.
Thank you Ronald McDonald house from the Lozano's will all our heart.

I'll take your part
When darkness comes
And pain is all around
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

RMHouse was home to my sisters family for 3 months. An amazing organization!!!!!

ellen charge said... Best Blogger Tips

they are great weve never had to use them as the kids hosp i went to is so close burt i was in with a few who did one mum i wrote to u bout on my fb wall the oen that never had that limit i know of another mum who prefered ronald mcondald to antoehr option she had and stayed in befor the place she used to stay in u had to eat at a certain time f u wanted food at the rmh u can go down when ever where ever i know she liked it only prob she and a few others had was it was way down the back and if u had to walk up or walk down in the dark it was scary coz was opisat the physc depatment LOL n u would walk well no it wasnt exactly there but u walked past it see sch pow the adults and wimens and privates r all conected separate hosp but same grounds so to walk up u could eather go round the block or go up through the back well shed go up through the back doors in both entrances closed after nine u couldnt get in or outa hosp or maybe that was ten she allway got out or in but was a few times where was prety crazy LOL and also there was a big hill to walk up form the back but i know they loved it except for that hill up from the house to the back of the hosp LOL and there u have to fight cares coming in and out of the carpark was crazy to often i remember one of them coming to mum saying omg the drivers down in that car park r scary LOL

mj said... Best Blogger Tips

I didnt know much about the RMH until I went to college and joined my sorority whose national philanthropy is the RMH. We did a lot of fundraisers for them while I was still in school and then when I moved out here, I got involved with my sorority's alumnae association and we do meals at the OC RMH once a quarter. I applied to volunteer there last year but they werent really looking for more help so I'm on a wait list. It's a great organization and I'm glad you were able to take advantage of it.

Socalemt11 said... Best Blogger Tips

My son recently had surgery to close his cleft palate and cleft lip. I don't know how educated you are on cleft's or how Masons palate is affected, but I do know a lot about clefts and the procedures they are doing at Loma Linda. My son had a PNAM, it's a mouthpiece kinda like a retainer that improves the closure of the palate for surgery. My son had a very wide cleft and with the PNAM his palate closed and overlapped in 6 weeks. It was amazing having the PNAM because it improved his feedings as well. Because of the PNAM he didn't need a bone graph and wont need anymore surgeries to close his cleft. The PNAM at Loma Linda is not one they screw into their mouth or need anesthesia for, so it's better and non invasive. Dr Chen is the director of pediatric dentistry at Loma Linda, she does all the work with the PNAM babies and I absolutely love her. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. I have a special place in my heart for little Mason and would love to help if you need it.