Saturday, February 12, 2011

Quick update

Today I spent 13 hours at the hospital. 11.5 of those hours at your bedside. You were awake for most of the 11.5 hours. I have no idea why.

The good news is you were mostly happy and so alert. You rolled over on your side, wiggled, blew lots of bubbles (OK so the high flow helped with that) and kicked and kicked and kicked.

I sang every kid song I could think of till I ran out then I just sang whatever came to mind. You really enjoyed The Time Warp from the Rocky Horror Picture show but that might have been because I helped you do the dance while I was singing to you.

"It's just a step to the left...then a jump to the right."

I have enjoyed the last two days with you so much. Already you have so much personality and charm. You hardly ever cry and the nurses are always saying what an easy and happy baby you are.

Your Granny is coming tomorrow to see you. I know you so excited to see her. You also get to meet your cousins Maureen, Kelly, and Caitlin!

Then Daddy and Pierce will be here. All my boys in one place!

Gonna be another great day.

Just for the record...

As I write this it's 20 hours since the resident wanted to hold your tube feeding. You haven't spit up, or thrown up once.

Not even once.



ellen charge said... Best Blogger Tips

ZHGO MUMMA oh and i jsut gotta tell u this morning on fb i was thinking of you and yesterday when i read something i was thinking of you coz i know yuou love the rmh what it does for you and you know crys evas mummy has on their blog a great post about rmh I SUGGEST YOU GO OVER AND READ IT she has soem pics up today on fb of the kids playing in the to room of ronald mconald house and i know they r loving it and i think they r happy they can go there coz they arent wanted in the room atm evas not the one that had the op its her big brother and according to fb on crys page he wanted quietness and darkness so her n eva had to go back to the rmh jsut happy they got that room and i know they love it jsut like u do so wanted to tell u

Kristi said... Best Blogger Tips

I LOVED reading these last two posts! :-)
So glad you had such a great day with your littlest man! :-)