Friday, August 26, 2011

Another one down


It was a late night and a really early morning. We loaded you and Moms Diet Coke and we were off. A little scared and a little sad. After all you are not even a year old and already your second heart surgery.

You were kicking and smiling at 6 AM like only a little boy can, the nurses were trying to get your attention and you were just paying hard to get. I was looking at you in that big bed and remembering our CHLA day's.

I could not help but to think of how big you are how stubborned you have gotten, or you have always been, after all you made it through 2 months that would have brought most grown men to tears.

Stubborn comes in real handy when you are recovering from an operation. A part of me remembers this and thinks you will be just fine. Another still thinks that you are so small and fragile how could you possibly handle all this? But then I remember that you are stubborned and determined to do things your way.

Like when you deiced that you want some attention, you do not make a lot of noise but you will squirm kick and turn until someone comes over. Sorry i am rambling.

Your were taken into surgery and your Mon and I went to wait at the cafeteria. Hospital food, you will love it.....

So we waited and remembered where we have been and where we are now. We were finally paged and a good thing after having my third bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos I may need a future medical procedure. You are gong to love these things, Pierce does.

So the nurse at the check in station asked who we were here for and we said "Lozano" the nurse jumped right up and took us to a small room that was marked patient conference. I looked at your Mom and asked is this the type of room they bring you to tell you there was a problem? Then Mom and I spent the next 20 minutes thinking of what if's. Turns out they put us there because they wheeled you right by that room to get to your bed.

Daddy feels dumb. Everything is OK. When I first saw you with the tubes and wires my heart sank a little bit but when you opened your eyes and looked at me like you wanted to grab my glasses and suck on them. I then knew you were going to be OK.

Night is falling and we are waiting for word that we are going to take the tube out of your throat. Your Mom and I are waiting for the ENT so we can see if you breath on your own.

We do have a deal if you breath on the first try and you get a fabulous tree house that connects to the pirate ship, if that does not work for you, on the second and you get a slight smaller tree house with a zip line to the pirate ship. Third time and you get the tree house and I only give you and Pierce two soup cans and a rope. I think the first is the best choice.

You know your Mom will make me build all three. So take your time and recover. You, Pierce, Mom and I have a lot of building to do, so let go home. I love you Mason.



Catherine said... Best Blogger Tips

Incredible words. I'm so glad to hear the good news and that you have taken time out to post.

dxeechick said... Best Blogger Tips

That was so sweet! I think you have some treehouse building to do in your near future!!! :)

Karen Rock said... Best Blogger Tips

Nice to hear from Dad. Like the zipline idea!