Friday, August 26, 2011

He's in recovery!!!

He's in recovery now! We got to see him for a second as the wheeled him by.

He's still intubated. The nurse told us that the surgery went really well but he has some airway issues. We don't know if they found something new or if it's still the larynogmalicia. We are waiting on the Dr's to come and tell us how everything went.

They put us in a little conference room to wait for him to come by. It totally reminded me of the little room we put our families in when we had bad news to tell them. At QVC we called it the crying room. I almost passed out and threw up waiting to see him. I know know the feeling of having your heart in your throat.

I had a PB&J for lunch. I thought it was fitting (that and I guess seventh day don't eat meat so I didn't have much else to choose from)

....OK just spoke to the Dr's heart went like gang busters not much to worry about there. His airway is even more narrow then they thought. The Dr's are in conference now to see what the plan for his airway will be.