Saturday, August 27, 2011

Update from Dad

I took over for your mom at 6:30 tonight. On my shift we have made progress.

First we moved to a new room number seven. We have a recliner now!!!! Daddy can spend the night and as of 10 PM you are on 2 litters of oxygen through a nasal cannula. We removed an A-line from your groin. Two more checks on your list to go home.

At midnight we will start your feeding and by 3 AM we will hopefully pull your drainage tube. maybe home by Monday!!!!!

We also watched football on tv. Arizona should of won that game. You agreed with me. for now you are chewing whatever you can reach but hopefully you will sleep soon.

Your Mom was in form today. Not only are we now staying by your bed side but I was brought a chair. Right now i have a pillow and blanket just waiting for you to be feed before i go to sleep.



Karen Rock said... Best Blogger Tips

Sounds like progress in more ways than one!