Saturday, August 27, 2011

Oh happy day!!!

We extubated and doing great!!

Such a different experience from all of our extubations before. Right now he's on high flow and doing great. They will titrate down the oxygen every two hours and who knows we might even be back on room air by tonight.

Dad and I are taking turns at your bedside trying to keep you from pulling on your tubes so they don't have to use restraints on you. Right now your really enjoying chewing on a damp towel.

FYI - they tried to get me to leave when they extubated him. I refused. I said to them that I was there for every intubation and extubation so far and the reason why I was able to give them so much information about his history is BECAUSE I was there at the bedside for all of it. I argued that all the latest research said that making the family part of the health care process was beneficial to the patient and that their policies were antiquated and unreasonable.

The Dr then said she agreed with everything I was saying and that they were trying to get the policies changed.

I said great you can start with me.

So I stayed.

Daddy is taking the first watch. He has strict instructions not to leave your bedside if they try and make him.

I'm going to get some rest and be back this afternoon.

p.s. Dad just sent me a text that they got him a chair. :)


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Great news! Mason looks amazing considering how much he's been through in the last 24 hours! So glad that the extubation went well... praying that he continues to do well as they lower his oxygen levels. You guys are rock stars... keep it up!

Mandy said... Best Blogger Tips

You guys are such big advocates for Mason. Way to go - stand your ground, Mama Bear!! So thankful that things are going well. We will be praying.

Catherine said... Best Blogger Tips

Great news indeed. And yes whilst We stepped aside to allow the team access, we were always able to see and oftentimes, I would b holding Reu to try and get him through.

Delighted for you all. How incredible Mason is doing in such a short time after surgery