Sunday, August 28, 2011

Everyone is well, everyone is tired

We've had a long mostly uneventful day.

You know how you wake up the first day after surgery and think...this isn't so bad! And then you wake up the second day and think....oh my I feel like crud!

Yeah, that's what you feel like today. Your not bad, just not feeling great. You have a lot of secretions and need to be deep suctions once every few hours.

Your down to 3/4 liter of oxygen and doing good but your oxygen level will fall if we try and turn it off. You'll get there in a day or two I'm sure.

Your up to full feeds and have had many big poops so your feeling a lot better that way.

So we found out last night that Dad could sleep by your bedside so we thought perfect! Dad will sleep with you and I will sleep at home. Then I will come in the morning (well rested) and Dad will go home and sleep.

Well the chair, though fairly nice, wasn't really made for a tall person like Dad and I was a little freaked sleeping in the house by myself so neither of us got any sleep.

I came at 5:30 and took over for Dad. Then he came back at 2:30 and I went home and slept. We both had dinner together and now I'm at your bedside settled in for the night.

If you stay asleep I will leave around 12 a.m. and Dad and I will get some sleep but if your restless then Dad will come at 12 and stay till morning.

The best part of our day was we got to meet a fellow local CHARGE'r Abraham in the next room to us. It was like meeting a cousin we didn't even know we had!! The live just a town away from us too. I'm so excited to have met them. I can't wait till both boys are well and we can get to know Abraham outside the hospital.

I was really hoping that we could get discharged home today but once I saw you I knew we needed to stay at least one more day.

It's looking like 90% positive we will get to go home tomorrow and it's a good thing!!

Look what your brother's up too!!

p.s. the night nurse last night told Dad that he had heard his wife (me) was tenacious. I really have no idea how I keep getting this reputation? hehe

Update: Your sleeping. I mean REALLY sleeping. You didn't wake up when I turned you, suctioned you, held you, nothing. Your out.

It doesn't make sense for Dad and I to sit exhausted by your bedside only to watch you sleep so after making your nurse promise to call me if you wake I've gone home to get some sleep.

Dad will be back by your side at 5:30 am to be there when you wake.

As I was leaving the unit I walked by a room with tons of alarms going off, medical staff hurrying here and there, and crying family members and my heart just sank.

I'm so very grateful for your health but I just can't wrap my mind around all this loss.

Ruxson, Adam, Justice, Andrew, Tyler and so many more. It's all too much.

I made it too the parking lot before I lost it and ended up crying all the way home.

I sent out a prayer to that little angel and his or her family.