Friday, August 26, 2011

Not going to get extubated tonight...

So we waited all afternoon for the ENT to come and extubate Mason. Finally around 9 pm the ENT fellow called and said they didn't need to be there to extubate him.

They just said if he needed to be re-intubated to do it with a 2.5 ET tube and to have anesthesia do it and then they would do a bronchoscopy on Monday.

So the unit hears this and figures they don't want to deal with a kid going bad in the middle of the night so they would just wait till morning to extubate him.

Perfect ((insert sarcasm here))

So I insisted if they weren't going to extubate him they needed to sedate him. The resident tried to argue that morphine was enough but just then Mason started waking up, holding his breath, and turning blue.

So I got the sedation.

I stayed till Mason was good and snowed on drugs. George and I are back home. Going to go to sleep early and get back early in the morning before anything happens.

p.s. I was in the room for two hours. Nobody even tried to get me to leave. I'm thinking my nurse may have been warned. :)