Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I hate Apria!

Yep that's the title of my post and I mean it. I really hate them (they are a medical supply company if your not a member of a medical needs family).

But more on that later.

First to get caught up on yesterday.

Dad got your walking papers before I even got there and with a couple of test, and some paperwork we were out of there and home by 11:30.

Your nurse Nichole whom we loved (and Cory too but she wasn't there for our picture)

One last EKG

Your scar. Right where the old one was.


Well the full night of good sleep we were all hoping for so didn't happen. We went to be early but your pulse ox machine kept going off keep me awake. You were also very congested and coughing. I tried everything I could think of to try and help you breath better but what you really needed was some deep suctioning. I didn't have any catheters since you have never needed such deep suctioning before so we just had to make do.

It wasn't till around 4 am when I got your cough under control and finally a couple hours of sleep before we started again in the morning.

You seemed to be doing better but around 11 am you started needing deep suction again so I called Apria, the company that supplies your respiratory needs, to get some of the suction catheters.

To make a really long story short, four and a half hours, 8 phone calls, at least 15 transfers later (where I had to repeat your name, our address, your birth date, and insurance information EVERY TIME they transferred me only to transfer me again), and finally me crying and yelling, Aunt JJ went to the supply center and was able to get the catheters we needed.

One deep suction later and you were so much more comfortable. You let out a deep sigh and fell right to a deep restful sleep for the first time today.

So now I hate Apria for making you suffer all day for something that shouldn't have taken more than an hour to get.

I want it in my obituary.

Amy Lozano mother to Pierce and Mason, wife to George, drank too much Diet Coke, hated Apria.

We have the suction all set up and are hoping that now that we can suction you as needed we can all get some much needed sleep.

Once again I owe a big thank you to my sister Jennifer who was here all day and more help than any one person should have to be.

I know I couldn't!

Also a really big THANK YOU to sweet Erin our neighbor who brought us dinner again. Not only is everything she brought supper yummy and perfect for a picky person like me but it really was the perfect day bone tired day to not have to think about dinner.

So thanks again Erin, can't wait to return the favor when baby Wood comes!!

and for my fellow Pinterest addicts.

Look what George did for me in his twenty minuets of free time he had today. We still need to put on the labels and fill the extra holes but how awesome is this?


Erin Wood said... Best Blogger Tips

1) SO glad your baby's home. Praying for a more restful sleep tonight!

2) You are SO welcome! It's the least I can do for a sweet boy, his tired momma, and his hard working dad (not to mention his rockin' awesome brother!!)

3) LOOOOVE the cupboard! Major props for actually DOING something you saw on Pinterest. Love that site!

goodgirrl79 said... Best Blogger Tips

So glad to hear that all is under control. Your Sister and neighbor are true blessings:) Hopefully you will all get a good nights sleep tonight. That cupboard is AWESOME! I totally need to do that!

The Long Family said... Best Blogger Tips

So glad everything went well and you are home...prayers for a speedy recovery! Heather

Ketcham22 said... Best Blogger Tips

So glad to hear everything is going well and little Mason is home safely! I too hate Apria. I had similar issues except it was with Nick's feeding supplies and them sending the wrong french size of ng tubes multiple times and not being able to feed my baby because I didn't have a tube to put down his nose :o( So we switched companies and we now have a company that is actually part of the children's hospital Nick goes too and we have had only minor problems so far with them. Hopefully you can switch too, because I am sure issues will come up again and you will wish you had! I did! LOL
But I am so glad to see Mason home and things starting to ease back to normal! We are thinking of you guys!

Catherine said... Best Blogger Tips

We sacked a pria a long time ago. Unbelievably bad. Life care solutions now