Friday, August 26, 2011

Surgery day part 1

So were all checked in and they have taken you back. Dad and I are in the cafeteria with our hospital pager and should get an update in an hour or so that they are starting surgery.

I feel like my soul is outside my body floating somewhere in this hospital, maybe near you, and that I wont be complete again till we are back together.

Since August 2010 when you were first diagnosed with the CHD at 28 weeks into the pregnancy it's just been a series of hard blows. With each one I keep thinking..this is the hardest thing I have ever had to do/go through and then then next thing happens and I THIS is the hardest thing ever.

Today as we kissed you goodbye and handed you over to the surgery team was the hardest of all the hard moments yet. On the outside I may have looked calm, though I did start crying a little bit, on the inside I felt like screaming NO.

Seconds have never felt so heavy.

Aren't you adorable!

They tell us the surgery may take as long as 6 hrs. I will update the blog as they update me.

Send your prayers out on swift wings so the can fly and be with my baby when we cannot.


sndbrenner said... Best Blogger Tips

All our love is with you today. Sending prayers for Mason and sending a big virtual hug to you and George.

Catherine said... Best Blogger Tips

prayers...calling you now.. don't expect you to pick up.. just calling