Friday, January 21, 2011

After the ER

Well your mother is fine in a lot of pain and feeling so guilty that she cannot be by your side. Granny is coming out to help us tomorrow. Mom should rest for a couple of day's but knowing her she will be there tonight. I hope not you and I have plans.

Tonight I think we should have a Sci-Fi marathon. I will bring the popcorn and diet coke, you get the candy. Let's go over your progress.

Today we removed Two IV's and a central line. Your respirator was cut by a third. You are now getting 8cc every 3 hours (that is like a fest). No pain meds today. Your calcium and red blood cell levels have held. Your arm looks a lot better after the dye leaked during your scan for the pick line.

Some new test will focus on your air way and lungs, today you will be scoped to see what they can come up with. You are also getting an eye exam to see if there are other possible issues. with some luck you will put on some weight. Do not tell anyone but you have chicken legs. Don't worry a few steaks and we will take care of that. I going to see your Mom then I am off to see you.

Sorry when Amy feels better we will get pics in. I allowed to touch the Pics.


A few picutures from your trip to get your Picc line. Yep! I take pictures of everything.


The Bagley Bunch said... Best Blogger Tips

Love how BOTH of you guys write!!! That's SO wonderful Mason is eating!! Praying for QUICK healing for the little guy and Mama!

lisad33611 said... Best Blogger Tips

I was just going to comment on the fact that I love that both of you write, but it looks like someone beat me to it.
I'm so excited to see Mason is HALF WAY through his milestone list! Yay Mason!
Congratulations on the move! Stay strong!

LilisNest said... Best Blogger Tips
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Cindy said... Best Blogger Tips

I keep trying to leave comments and finally was able to. I have been praying for you guys and reminded quite often when i see your house everyday making me hopeful and excited for you guys. Olivia wants to see Pierce and "his baby". Danny knows i have been checking your blog everyday so he is always asking me if i checked and how Mason is doing. We are neighbors and miss not see you home and are looking forward to you guys coming home too!!