Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day of life 24...

Sounds so...official doesn't it? That's what the Dr's and Fellows say when they round on you..."This is Mason Lozano day of life 24"

So we had planed on your Granny coming to sit with you yesterday while Dad and I went to Aunt JJ's to spend the day with Pierce. But unfortunately your brother has - and I quote "raging double ear infection" according to our pediatrician Dr K.

He said that anyone who was going to be around you should NOT be around Pierce because of the infection risk. It was so hard not to see him but we are hoping to be home soon and get to be with him on a daily basis so that made it a bit easier.

So instead your Dad and I took the day off while Granny watched over you. We went to have brunch at this little cafe just down the street. It's made to look just like a cafe in Paris and did remind your Dad and I a lot of the places we ate while on our honeymoon.

We spilt an omelet and a big basket of bread, which while not as good as the bread in France, was dang good for these parts. Then we saw the movie "True Grit" which was great but left us somehow unsatisfied.

After the movie we came back and took a nap then met your Granny for dinner. I enjoyed it all (sad to say mostly the nap) but missed you every second of the day. After dinner your Dad and I took our normal evening shifts at your bedside.

You were quite fussy for me but also had 4 poopy diapers so I think your tummy was upset. I gave you a bath again and scrubbed you from head to toe. Boy do you hate it! It's kinda amazing how many colors of red you turn when you are mad.

The nurse changed your feeding tube (it's now in your nose) and tape on your nasal cannula so I got to see you with any tape and hardly any tubes for the first time since you were born. I tried to get a picture but it didn't turn out well.

Today, Sunday, day of life 24 not much is going on.

You are on only 1 liter of oxygen and your labs are so good they aren't going to repeat them for a while. They are going to keep you at 1 liter and not try and wean you till you have a sleep study done to see if you are having apneic (stop breathing) episodes.

I did a little test of my own yesterday when I was holding you. I took the prongs out of your nose to see how you did. You did fine for about 5 minuets then your oxygen saturation did drop without the oxygen. Your nurse and I were talking about it and it doesn't seem like you really need the oxygen (your on room air) as you need the "push" of air to keep your airway open.

This is just another example of why we think you need the surgery to remove the extra tissue on your vocal cords but that is a fight for another day.

You are up to 51 ccs of formula/breast milk and absorbing fine. Sometimes when they increase your feeds you have a bit of spit up and seem to need time to adjust to it but when everything is said and done you are doing great with feeds. Still no signs of acid reflux.

Your weight is something we are watching closely. You had been losing for quite a while but have been slowly gaining over the last few days. Last night you weighed 2.75 kg which is just over 6 pounds. Finally over your birth weight! Woo Hoo!

According to the assessment the occupational therapist did on you it's looking like a feeding tube is most likely. It would have been great if you could have just taking food by mouth right away but you will get there eventually.

The way your Dad and I are thinking is lets get the feeding tube in and get you home. Get you eating and growing and we will work on your swallowing and feeding by mouth at home.

As far as we know everything is a go as far as insurance is concerned for our move to Loma Linda. The Dr's at CHLA are good with us going and everything is set on their end.

Now we are just waiting for a bed at LL. Cross your fingers we get one tomorrow.

Dad and I are going to skip the late night shift and come back to the RM house and pack in hope that we get our walking papers tomorrow.

Here's hoping that on day of life 25 you will be tucked in at Loma Linda and so much closer to home.


Michelle said... Best Blogger Tips

I am so happy things are looking guys hang in there it's sounding like he has made a lot of progress these past few days. Love you <3