Monday, January 10, 2011

A few ups and a few downs

So yesterday 1/09/11 you had quite a few ups and downs.

The downs.....

Around 2:30 the Dr called us and told me that the labs that show how well you were getting your oxygen weren't very good and were getting worse. They felt the best plan for you was to intubate you so we could get your oxygen levels back up and prevent it from becoming an emergency situation later.

You were put on the breathing machine and immediately seemed to be resting easier. Then, unfortunately the medications they gave you to sedated you when they put the tube in caused your blood pressure to drop and they had to start medication to keep you blood pressure at high enough levels.

They also had to put in a tube down your nose to your stomach to help relive some of the gases.

So now because of the breathing machine you are sedated and there will be no more holding you till a few weeks after your surgery now. It's hard to not be able to hold you but you look so much more comfortable that it makes it a bit easier.

The ups...

Yesterday your Dad got to hold you for the first time and it was also visiting day!
In the morning you Aunt Lori, Uncle Chris, and cuz Sarah came by. Uncle C and Sarah had to stay in the lobby but Aunt Lo came up and even got to hold you.

After Aunt Lo and family left your Abuelita, Tia Karla, and Tio Alex came down.

Then your Aunt JJ, Uncle Pat, cousins Lauren and Jonathan brought Pierce for a visit and got to meet you too! (it's supposed to be 16 and older only allowed upstairs but your cousin's Lo and Jonathan were able to pass.

While you were visiting with Aunt JJ, Uncle Pat, Lauren and Jonathan your Dad and I got to spend some time with Pierce. I so wish we could bring him up here to meet you but because of the infection risk they wont allow children in the TCICU. But as soon as possible we are going to get the two of you together. Now that will be an up for sure!


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I LOVE the pictures with JJ Lauren and Johnathon:) Priceless