Friday, January 7, 2011

We're Moving!!

We just found out that Mason has a bed at Children's hospital in LA and he will be transferring in just a few hours. Not because his doing poorly but because he is doing so well! So happy!
The only hick-up is that I'm not even 24 hrs past my CS. I have a call out to the Dr to see if he will discharge me. I've just got to go with my baby.
OK I'm asking for all good thoughts, wishes, juju, and prayers if you don't mind that the Dr will let me go. Well I'm going to go no matter what but hopefully I won't have to be a fight.
Off to go slay some dragons!!! Wish me luck. They gave him a bath last night and his hair is so soft and beautiful! He even has tiny baby curls. I also got to change his diaper. So wonderful!!


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Glad Mason has a bed at CHLA, hope the transfer to CHLA went smoothly. Hope the doctors there give you more information about Mason's diagnosis. Lovely photo of him, he is a sweetie pie.
**heart hugs** from Tiki another heart mom