Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Just this and that...

A few things I wanted to show you and for me to remember.

I've always like to give food to my nurses. I know as a nurse I always appreciated it when my families brought me something. For the record I've never done more for a family that brought me something, I've never done less for a family that didn't. But it was always nice to be appreciated.
Since I knew we would be in the hospital, and I knew I would want to give the nurses a treat, I've been couponing for the nurses gifts and I've managed to get quite a stash for almost nothing.

It's hard to pack to be away for 3 weeks. We've used storage boxes to organize everything and pack it away. It's enough to almost fill the mini van.

We got your name letters for the nursery just like we have for Pierce. I'm thinking after were home and settled we will have to hang both sets up on the wall instead of filling up the book case.

I have a few pictures with magnets for your isolate (they say - "my family", "mommy & me", and "my brother"). I also made a name display for you. The Mason was straighter but your brother pulled all the letters off and I never could get them back on as straight.

Daddy's co-workers threw him a baby shower at work. I think he was totally surprised and very touched by their thoughtfulness.

My birthday flowers from your Dad. It says "To the mother of my children" - I love it.

Your Auntie Tiff had this button made up for you. I don't have the words to describe how much it means to me.

Many of my friends on Facebook have changed their icon to the CDH ribbon for your birth tomorrow. It's almost a sea of them. I continue to be overwhelmed by their love and support.


Barbie and Kyle said... Best Blogger Tips

I never thought to bring my nurses something. Thank you for the suggestion. I will do it in the future. They work so hard.

David and Jan Evans said... Best Blogger Tips

Amy and George, We are Alison's parents and are so glad she connected us to your blog. Now we can follow Mason's progress and send our love and prayers to you. It is so hard to feel strong when you feel so helpless. But you have been given the strength to love as only a parent can..beyond your wildest dreams. Beyond all the medical procedures and talented doctors, only you have that Mommy/Daddy love he needs more than anything. Your love radiates from every post and photo. Know that Mason is fully aware of it in the deepest sense of his being. We are praying for you constantly and looking forward to many more milestones and celebrations. Hope this lifts your spirits even just a little. David and Jan