Friday, January 7, 2011

Letter from Dad


When we found out that you were coming we celebrated your arrival. I told my co-workers with a smug smile that number two was coming. I did not understand until later why they were all looking at the calender. Then it hit me I would be taking December off. That would mean the holidays spent at home changing diapers and washing spit up.. But after re-doing the calculations I realized you would be coming in the second week of January. Even better, the playoffs and SUPERBOWL OFF!!

So things took an unexpected turn as we started to see different doctors and find out more and more about your condition. At times it was overwhelming but your Mom and I got through it.

Thank good for your Mom, whenever a doctor would explain something to us I would look at your Mom and ask her to translate.

I finally had to refer to an old automotive gizmo called a carburetor so that i could find common ground with the cardiologist. When the doctor and I talked about your heart we talk in terms of air mixture, valves, manifolds, and timing, that made it so much easier for me to understand what we had to do to fix the problem. Don't worry your old man is not a dunce. I just know car's and now I know your heart.

While your Mom felt you move every day things where more abstract for me. I only saw you 24 hours ago. I touched your hand 16 hours ago, and I changed your diaper 3 hours ago.

When I first saw you I was afraid to touch you, my hands are so big compared too yours. I was scared, but you looked at me with that little crooked smile and let me that you are tough and a fighter. After all I do remember your Mom telling me how sore her ribs where from you hitting them for the past 4 months. So I took your hand and I fell in love with my boy.

We have a lot of things to do and see and a tree house to build. So lets get through this and get you home. Where we will live under the same roof. Making our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.