Monday, January 17, 2011

One week ago today

You looked like this....

Today you look like this...

We've come a long way baby!

There have been a few setbacks, a few unexpected turns, but we are moving forward everyday. Getting so much closer to bringing you home.

Your Dad and I have always made list. List that take us from the beginning to the end of what ever it is that we are working on. Sometimes it's a written list, sometimes we only keep track in our heads, but it's something we do a lot.

The house, our wedding, parties, babies, everything.

When your Dad and I were talking the other day we realized that we were doing that with you and your hospital stay.

Survive birth

Get you stabilized for surgery

Survive surgery

Survive the first 24 hours

Survive the first 48

and on and on till we get you well. We get you home.

So we deiced to make it an official list that we keep here on your blog. That we will cross off as you/we complete each goal. As soon as I get time I'm going to change the blog to 3 columns and keep the list on one side were we, and everyone who has come to know you and love you, can see what progress we have made.

The list will start off small and we will add new things as we discover where this road is taking us.

The thing your Dad and I couldn't figure out was where to end the list. Where would the finish line be?

Then I read a comment over on Kirsten's blog Couponing to Disney where the poster MM said "She hopes Mason gets to Disney world in another two years or so".

We thought how perfect!

Since in a way this all started with a trip to Disney world that we couldn't take we could end it when we do finally get you well and to Disney world as we had planned.

So there we have it. The beginning and the end of the list to get you well, and home, and eventually to Disney World where we will celebrate you, and your recovery, and baby Andrew and then we will have a perfect place to end this blog.

We will call your list Mason's Milestones.

Happy one week birthday Love.

Here's to many, many, many more!

The list for Mason's Milestones so far

Survive birth
Get you stabilized for surgery
Survive surgery
Survive the first 24 hours
Survive the first 48
Close chest wound
Get you extubated
Get chest tubes out
Get you off oxygen
Get you eating
Get moved to the 6th floor
Get you home
Get your palate fixed
Your coming home party
Disneyland (not DW)
1st re-birthday
Trip to Disneyworld


Michelle said... Best Blogger Tips

What a wonderful update! I have been reading your blog since Kristen posted your link. I must say that God has truely blessed your family! What a wonderful miracle Mason is!! The photos of him on this post are outstanding and I rejoice with you!! And then to celebrate his milestones with a trip to the best place in the world! WOW! Look out Mickey, Mason is on his way!!!!

Melissa said... Best Blogger Tips

The day you walk out of that hospital you will just be on cloud nine. You will think I can't believe that just happened man my baby is a ROCKSTAR so strong and brave and he has NO idea.. Absolutely amazing. I cried and laughed all the way home and I couldn't put maccoy down for days making up for all the lost time in the hospital. It sure does give you a whole new outlook on life being a heart mom. Mason your amazing keep fighting buddy you look beautiful! Thinking and Praying for you all daily!
Melissa (Maccoys mommy)

Michelle said... Best Blogger Tips

I love this update....

juls said... Best Blogger Tips

I am so proud of you friend! You amaze me! I am praying for Mason & your family every day! What a miracle! Can't wait to see Mason home & pictures of him at Disney World!

goodgirrl79 said... Best Blogger Tips

I love this list! Keep going Mason!!

sdiaz said... Best Blogger Tips

I love it

Widdywings said... Best Blogger Tips

Another thing to add on his list- to meet cousin Whitney ;)