Sunday, January 2, 2011

Celebrating a life today ...

Baby Andrew's rainbow at Disney World taken by his mom

We had been planing a vacation with our families Disney World for a few years. First we were going to take my side of the family, then the next year we were going to take Dad's side. The only question was when as we were actively trying to get pregnant with you.

Naively we assumed that since we got pregnant our first month of trying with your brother it would happen the same when we tried again so we decided to wait till we were pregnant and to plan the trip.

Well over a year later, and two unsuccessful fertility treatments, we didn't want to wait any longer and booked the trip to travel in early January 2011.

Not a week later we found out we were pregnant with you and our due date was the exact week we had booked our trip (you knew that was coming right?).

No problem, we just pushed our vacation back as far as we could and planned on taking you with us. The condos are just like staying at home and I would have your Granny, Aunt JJ, Uncle Pat, Lauren and Jonathan there to help us. We thought it was pretty funny that the your first trip to Disney World would be at 2.5 weeks old. How spoiled can you get?

Then we got the diagnosis about your heart and everything changed.

Our world became about Dr's visits, and scary diagnoses. Disney World and thoughts of vacation were far from our minds.

We tried to see if the vacation club would let us cancel the reservation for medical reasons but the rules are very clear and there was nothing we could do about losing the points. Really we couldn't care less but hated the thought of the points going to waste.

In the beginning of October I started getting into using coupons and one of my favorite sites is Couponing to Disney I had actually started following Kristin's blog in 2009 but it wasn't till this year that I got consistent about it.

About the same time we got your diagnosis Kirstin and her family lost their beautiful baby boy Andrew only 18 weeks into their pregnancy. Your Dad and I were heartbroken for them and felt a deep connection to Andrew and mourned the loss of such a beautiful life.
It felt to real and too close to what we might be facing with you.

When Kristin posted that they were going to take a trip to Disney world to heal as a family and honor Andrew's memory I so wanted to do something nice for them. When I brought it up to your dear, generous hearted Dad, he suggested that we let them use the points for their vacation. To us it feels like a wonderful way to honor both you and Andrew.

So today Kristin and her family started their vacation. She was even able to surprise her husband with where they were staying. Both Dad and I have smiles from ear to ear watching the video of her telling the kids and surprising her husband and we just love their accents!

Although it might see like we are giving them a gift both Dad and I feel like we are the ones getting a gift. We have been so excited these last few weeks waiting for Kristin and her family to get time together to heal and enjoy some Disney magic. It has been so nice to have such a happy thing to look forward to.

So today we celebrate you sweet Andrew. Even though your life was short you touched many. Really we wish both you and Mason were there to enjoy Disney world together. We think the two of you would have been great friends!

Enjoy your vacation Cooper family! Thank you for letting us be a part of it.


Michelle said... Best Blogger Tips

You guys are amazing, what a generous gift to give to complete strangers. I am so proud to call you my friends. This is what life is all about. Love Jeff and Michelle

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Amy, you and George are such an amazing couple overflowing with love. Pierce and Mason are lucky to have you as parents and I am lucky to call you friends. Love to the family. Kristen

Caitlyn said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow, I am speechless. I follow Kristin's blog and when I saw that you had so selflessly given this trip to the Cooper's I was truely touched. I also lost a child and then delivered a daughter with an irregular heartbeat. These are trying times and any healing is wonderful. I will be praying for your family and especially Mason today.

Erin said... Best Blogger Tips

We are DVC members too and think it is so cool what you did for them. Thinking about baby today!

The Houston Family said... Best Blogger Tips

I cried when I read that one of CTD readers donated lodging for them. Now I cry as I read you blog. You blessed their life and now all the prayers from her readers are blessing your life. Thank you for sharing your story. I am reading this all again post surgery, knowing the surgery went well. I wish blogging had been around when we were going through all of this!