Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Blessed with friendship and an update

The other George and I came back home to the RM house to find an amazing care package from a great group of friends that we have been blessed to have in our lives. All sorts of goodies to keep us going and I love that even though they are mostly George's friends even they know about my Diet Coke addiction. :)

They even brought toys for Pierce to play with when he comes and visits us

I took one look at this and knew instantly it was made by Alison. She's one of the most creative women I have ever met
It says...
Baby Mason Snack Mix
Sunflower seed - for Mason's future and all the growing he will do
Pretzels Squares - for all the charts that are tracking Mason's progress
Teddy Grahams - for Pierce and all the toys he will share with Mason
Hard Candy - the road may be hard, the remember, there's a sweet reward
Stars Cereal - for the sparkly spots in the sky that help make our wishes come true
Candy Hearts - for strength in healing Mason's heart
Jelly Beans - for "Jelly" our little nugget of sweetness

Isn't that amazing and so sweet! Of course I teared up when reading it. We love it so much I don't know if we can bring ourselves to eat it.

And then Karissa, another one of the amazing IE women, brought us a snack bag full of all kinds of goodies including apples! Yummy! Karissa your goodies got George though the long night were Mason got re-intubated and he didn't want to leave the bedside.

The bag is empty because George ate most of it before I got the picture :)

Thank you all for your kindness and love. George and I appreciate it so much!


Yesterday was a long and frustrating day. We were told the the Geneticist was coming to talk to us. We were there all day waiting. Every time our nurse called to see when the Dr was coming we were told he was on his way and would be there in minuets.

We ended up waiting from 11 am till 6:30 pm till we finally gave up and left to get dinner. Not 5 minuets after we left the Dr showed up and of course my phone was off so we didn't get the call right away and didn't back in time. The Dr said he would be back today at 10 am for our meeting.

So we were there waiting till 11:30 when the genetic intern finally showed up. He asked us tons of genetic related questions but couldn't really answer any of ours.

Today the Dr's are slowly weaning you off the "push" of air that you are getting from the ventilator. You usually get a little agitated when they make a change but once you get used to it you calm down. You still have a ton of secretions and we are not sure why but hope it's something we can get under control soon.

As soon as we can wean you off the "push" of air we can start trying to feed you. It's so hard to believe your almost 13 days old an have never had anything to eat!


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