Thursday, January 6, 2011


Hi all,
As you can see my beautiful baby boy is here! As Auntie Tiff said he was born at 10:36 weighing 5. 14 oz, and we believe about 19.5 inches long.
He did have fluid on his lungs so he had to be intubated but is now breathing on his own. I haven't been able to go see him myself yet (but I'm about to go stage a break out ).
As for his heart condition it's a little worse, and a little better than they thought.

Mason does have the large hole between his lower to chambers. He does not have the cordication of the aorta but instead his aorta is interrupted. The good news is his aorta is a good size and so the size should not be a factor. The Dr feels that it's all fixable and could possibly be done in one surgery.
He also has bells palsy that has affected the right side of his face with a noticeable droop. The Dr's are not sure if this is temporary or not.
The Dr's feel there might be a chance that Mason has DiGeorge syndrome which would explain his heart defects. DiGeorge syndrome is a defect in the 22nd chromosome. The test have already been taken and now we have to wait a week or two for the results to confirm or rule this out.
I've done a tiny bit of research but the syndrome is very new to me. It seems there are some problems with heart defects, poor immune system function, a cleft palate, poor function of the parathyroid glands and behavioral disorders.
At this point it's just a theory so, while it's pending, I'm not going to invest too much into it yet.
***Oh wait, I just got permission to go see Mason!!! I'm so excited****


Megan said... Best Blogger Tips

Mason is absolutely PRECIOUS! Such a handsome little boy. Continuing to send prayers your way.

Jen said... Best Blogger Tips

Been thinking about you and the strong little guy all day. Many hugs are coming your way!!

The Bagley Bunch said... Best Blogger Tips

Welcome baby Mason!!! Praying for you guys!!! So excited for you to get to see him!!!! ((HUGS))

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Welcome to the world, Mason! Amy, he's gorgeous! I'm so excited that you are seeing him right now! Mason, stay strong, you Rockstar! There are a TON of people rooting you on, and can't wait to hold you!

Lindsey said... Best Blogger Tips

Kim pointed me in your direction. Praying for sweet baby Mason. He is absolutely beautiful!