Thursday, January 13, 2011

Not such a merry un-birthday after all.....

Well for about 20 minuets you looked like this...

see Ma no tubes!

but you kept experiencing episodes where you weren't breathing and your saturation fell down to dangerously low levels. They tried suctioning you because you had a lot of very thick secretions. They even tried putting you on high flow through the nasal cannula but it didn't work. No matter what they tried in the end you were working too hard to breath and they made the decision to re-intubate you.

the Dr's and nurses rushing around to re-intubate you

As disappointing as it is, if your not ready, your not ready. So for now your back on the breathing machine and we will try again in a few days.

breathing tube is back but at least it's out of your nose

The sweet thing was how upset your nurse Kirstin was. She felt so bad that you had to go back on the vent and kept apologising and saying how you just looked so perfect on paper. I kept reassuring her that it wasn't her fault and she shouldn't feel bad. But she did anyway. See everybody loves you Jelly and is rooting for you.

You did get your chest tubes out so YAY! Dad said you didn't even flinch. Last night I was talking with your nurse Kenny and telling him that I preferred you "snowed" (as in so snowed with pain meds you didn't know what was going on) and he said that he had been warned that the "mother" was really big on pain control.
He nurses are being warned about me. I don't mind if it means they are extra vigilant about keeping your pain under control.

Two steps forward, one step back. But still one step forward towards home.

Now we are off to spend time with this guy. I will be back to see you later tonight.

Best big brother in the world!


Becki said... Best Blogger Tips

:( Still making so much progress though, we love you Mason!

Michelle said... Best Blogger Tips

Any step forward is a step forward...when can I come see him...I am family right. Aunt Michelle